Apex Yarn Dyeing Limited (AYDL)

Apex Yarn Dyeing Limited (AYDL) started commercial production in January 2003 and presently has a production capacity of 4,200 MT per year. Apex Yarn Dyeing produces dyed cotton, Nylon, Polyester and Cotton-polyester blends yarn. AYDL also produces 14 million cones of Sewing & Embroidery thread per year for the export-oriented RMG industry in Bangladesh. All production at AYDL is of OEKO-TEX 100 Standard and ISO 9001:2000 certificated and fulfills all the requirements of BSTI. The scope of activities of the certification is that AYDL is dyeing and exporting 100% polyester and nylon sewing and embroidery thread and cotton, polyester, nylon and cotton-polyester blend yarn. AYDL is fully compliant with International Labor and Environmental Standards. Apex Yarn Dyeing safeguards the environment and fully treats all effluent.

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